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Our History

Everybody is familiar with GPS as used in cars and airline displays.
Not everybody is aware that Navionics is the one that pioneered it all: simply stated, Navionics changed the way people navigate by bringing to market the world's first electronic chart device in 1984, called the Geonav. Until then, several others had belabored on the concept, but nobody was able to turn the idea into a viable product, that truly worked and could be bought off a shelf. It is no surprise that some compared the revolution brought by Navionics to the revolution brought by the magnetic compass.

The first Geonav by Navionics, 1984
Navionics quickly established an early lead in marine cartography followed by a series of technological innovations, and continues to be a leader in quality, coverage and value. The benefits of electronic charting to the ease and safety of navigation have created a large and enthusiastic market that continues to grow each year, while Navionics continues to lead in technology and innovation, besides quality and service.

Navionics Today
Today Navionics employs over 500 enthusiastic persons, mainly located in USA, Italy and India, but with sales and service all over the world.
The engineering team, a unique mix of long experienced people as well young brains still in school, is responsible for developing technologies that are constantly a few years ahead of the competition, but at the same time are easy and enjoyable to use by any outdoors person.
Navionics has the world’s largest database of marine and lake charts, covering the salt waters of the entire planet as well as tens of thousands of lakes and rivers. Many of these charts have been developed by way of Navionics’ proprietary surveys done both in the field and with remote sensing such as satellite imagery and airborne laser scanners.

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